ter Hürne Wooden Parquet

All people are inspired and guided by color. This is why our products are divided into four color worlds, each with its own distinctive characteristics: bright & fresh, beige brown & friendly, red brown & warm, or dark & powerful. This system allows you to easily and intuitively find the right floor for you amidst the wide diversity of our products.The expertise and passion we bring to each of our engineered parquet floors bear witness to our close affiliation to nature and love of detail. For more than 50 years, our family-owned company has been actively upholding this tradition.

ter Hürne Engineered parquet floors: quality in detail
The particular charisma of the woods, their surfaces and colors are the most visible signs of the quality standards of ter Hürne. Apart from the visual impressions, our products possess numerous properties that make their installation, use and care much easier – and give them a long service life and greatest possible level of comfort.

ter Hürne uses different types of trees to manufacture wooden parquets. That is why there are lots of colors and designs. Some of these trees are as follows:
Maple European, Hard Maple Canadian, Ash, Bamboo, Larch Siberian, Oak, Beech, Cherry American, Walnut.

Product Properties :
The authentic effect of a ter Hürne laminate floor can be experienced with several different senses. At every level, the complex structure features technical characteristics with practical advantages.


BeautyMatch supports the authentic look of the floor and makes the transitions at the narrow top ends of the laminate planks virtually invisible. The decor appearances fit together neatly like perfectly fitted jigsaw pieces. 



Abrasion class AC4/32: For medium traffic as found in nursery schools, offices, waiting rooms or boutiques.

3.Performance 32 / AC4 (IHD-W-467)

terHürne floors have the maximum performance class rating of 32 (in accordance with DIN EN 15468), proving their durability. Wear was determined separately in accordance with the stringent Works Standard IHD-W-467. 



Extremely design categorized as non-slip class 10 (DIN 51130) make terHürne -Floors particularly stable and safe. 


The ClickTec installation system permits a glue-free and tool-free installation. The self-aligning planks ensure an extremely stable connection that is immediately ready for use.  Installing CLICKitEASY brings genuine advantages:

  • Particularly convenient and simple assembly
  • Extremely quick and clean installation
  • Installation without any hammers or tapping block
  • No material damage
  • Strong connections at the top and longitudinal edges
  • Easy removal, should it ever prove necessary

6. بدون صدا

در تولید محصولات ترهورن از موادی استفاده شده که نه تنها بر اثر راه رفتن صدا تولید نمی کند، بلکه سر و صدای محیط را هم کاهش می دهد.

8.Aqua protected
Every floor comes regularly into contact with water or moisture. The protection against swelling ensures that water does not penetrate the floor.

Ter Hürne Certificates
ter Hürne is regularly tested and certified by independent institutions. A very high quality standard is created by its health and functional properties.
•    eco
•    PEFC
•    FSC®
•    Ü-mark
•    CE

Warranty for ter Hürne floors
ter Hürne quality guarantees a long life for the floors. Depending on the product, Real wood wear layer even up to 30 years.