Shahran Tower

Shahran Tower is one of the highest residential towers in Tabriz and also in Iran. It stands at 100m with 31 floors. It consists of 3 parking levels underground which include 195 parking spaces, a warehouse, and a ground floor (Lobby). The ground floor consists of a kindergarten, an Internet café, a shop, a conference room, and etc. 27 of 31 floors are residential which contain 190 apartment units. These units are from 110 to 280 m2. On the third underground level, there are also a mechanical facility room and a swimming pool. Novin Choob-e- Mehr-e- Mandegar (Elindecor) company supplies 10000 m2 of parquet-laminate floorings of this tower. This company has started installing WESEN parquet-laminates since November. It is essential to mention that WESEN has attracted the attentions of the experts and architects of this tower, and that is because of its remarkable features such as variety in design and color, and its highly qualified products. The experts and architects have selected WESEN among at least 30 well-known brands.