Company Introduction

Since a long time ago, wood products have attracted people’s attentions all around the world. Nowadays, people are really interested in interior design industry which has developed remarkably. One of the most loved wood products is parquet-laminate which is very famous because of its beauty and durability. It is really remarkable how parquet-laminate flooring as a type of economical decoration materials strides intoour daily house flooring projects in the recent 10 years. From the initial dull imitation of solid floors with limited wood colors till now, laminate flooring patterns have experienced huge reformation.

Novin Choob-e- Mehr-e- Mandegar is a trading company, founded in 2013 under registration number 436660, aiming from the beginning to provide a wide range of good quality products to cover the developing needs of the customers and therefore supporting the constant process of improving the quality and comfort of their lives.

After a year of research and studies in the field of Laminate Flooring, Novin Choob-e- Mehr-e- Mandegar decided to import parquet-laminate to Iran, known as WESEN (under license by Germany, made in China), ARTFLOOR(made in Turkey), and Ter Hürne(made in Germany). This company has also been importing wooden parquet known as Ter Hürne (made in Germany). Moreover, Elidecor has recently started producing HDF baseboards known as WESEN. With openness and transparency towards its experienced and hard-working employees, this company has grown to become one of the best knowing suppliers and distributors in Iran.

Elindecor board members are pleased to state that since 2013, this company has been able to establish 250 sales centers all around the country to present WESEN, ARTFLOOR and Ter Hürne products to Iranian customers. To meet our customers’ demands and comfort in the western part of the country, this company has established an office in Tabriz and a permanent fair in Laleh Park trade center.

This company has also constructed a warehouse of about 2500m2 in Tehran and two warehouses of about 500m2 located in the western part of the country. We hope to be able to take a small step towards the benefits of our country.